IT is part of the acronym PITA

I once watched in disbelief as a contractor had to phone a major telco’s consumer help-line and wait in-line to get a reset actioned on a business phone line repair!  And I still hear of web customers being charged web-development rates to make minor changes to their website content.

Like it or not, IT has become part of small business marketing & advertising.  In today’s world your customer’s expect a professional looking web-site, even if it is only used for contact information.  also in today’s world website development is a broad skill, I often hear the phrase ‘my kid’s can do this’. To a certain this is true, as most schools teach web skills and many young students are more than capable of coding a site.  But whilst we might let our kid’s learn to drive in a farm paddock that doesn’t mean we will let them do it on a public road.

Your web site is a reflection of your business – so most importantly it should look professional and work reliably.  The internet is not as simple as it seems, all web-sites require several different components:

website development
domain registration
domain hosting
website hosting
email hosting
software upgrades

Many of which can be supplied by different companies, with different invoicing periods, with different help desks and different contacts. Most of us would have experienced the IT ‘hand-ball’ process, where one company says it is the fault of another and vice-versa.

But if you aren’t an IT expert how can you tell who is right and who is wrong?

And to make it even more complicated, most of us now receive spam emails & fake invoices from banks, power companies and internet providers.

I provide the one-stop-shop for web site clients.

One fixed-price yearly invoice, 365 day support, no additional editing or support fees, and only ever one person to call.

The SuperSymmetry Goal: Making IT Simple