If IT can go wrong it will

This pretty well sums up 2020. With social distancing it is expected that many will now be working or studying from home, so the reliability of your home computer has just become even more important.

Computer problems, virus, fire, theft, accidental loss – a local data backup is simple insurance against these events and gets you working again FAST – all without the NBN or the internet.

Do you need a USB back-up drive?

There are many other forms of data backup available, online (eg. cloud) or offline (eg. NAS), each with pros and cons. It depends on the size of the data being stored, your equipment, but most importantly your technical knowledge. The only guarantee is that almost every person who suffers a data loss event wished they had made a back-up! Our analysis is that the humble USB drive is the simplest, most fool-proof, most secure & most cost-effective data back-up option available, and we are here to make it simple for you.




Keep IT simple ……

The Murphy’s Law backup is simple & private

When your computer is turned on it is constantly backing up your data to the USB drive on your desk.

  • it is yours & it is private;
  • it works without the NBN or the internet;
  • you do not need to pay for online storage nor will you run out of online storage;
  • you do not need to call a ‘help desk’ to get access to your backup data
For security or in an emergency just grab the drive and walk out.

What brand should I use? Why are their so many different products? Why do they vary so much in price? What size do I need? What is an SSD? What features do I need? What software do I use? Where do I get the software? How do I install it? How do I set it up? How do I get my data back?
Aaargh – IT is just too hard!

SuperSymmetry is your backup partner and we make IT simple.

We have researched options for home & business starting from just $220.

  • we come out to your house or office to install it directly onto your computer;
  • our backup includes your selected files AND your Windows User data (ie. includes emails & iTunes backups)
  • we make sure you have a completed backup in your hand & we test accessing the data from another computer;
  • we fully support the back-up service for 12 months, if we can’t fix it over the phone we will return to your home or business for no extra charge


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Always ranked highly by reviewers, we have selected the Seagate Backup Plus Slim as the drive of choice for simple, cost-effective file-based back-up for home users.

2TB of data storage means plenty of back-up capacity and USB 3.0 gives compatibility with all types of computers.


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The next level of the Seagate Backup Plus family, we choose the Ultra Touch for users who would like their back-up files privacy protected.

The fabric covering is purely cosmetic, but password-protection and hardware encryption means your private data stays private without compromising speed or simplicity.

2TB of storage again gives plenty of back-up capacity and USB-C compatibility means it can work at the maximum speed for both old and new computers.


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For users who wish to regularly move their back-up drive for data sharing or remote back-up security we have selected the Lacie Rugged drive for it’s pressure, shock, dust & water resistance (IP54)

LaCie drives also come with FREE professional lab data recovery protection (conditions apply), even if you accidentally format the drive or deleted the data yourself!

2TB of storage again gives plenty of back-up capacity and USB-C compatibility means it works at the maximum speed for both old and new computers.


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For business we have researched a USB back-up solution that covers all bases.

The Samsung SSD is fast & more importantly, it is by far the easiest-to-use hardware-encrypted drive available today.

1TB of storage is more than enough for a typical business computer, and USB-C ensures compatibility with both old and new computers.

Do I need to
back-up emails?

It’s true many users have online email accounts (eg. gmail) so the computer is really a back-up of your online service.

However in the unlikely scenario where there is a problem with your online account (eg. hacking) both the online & computer data may be affected.  Recovery is a simple comparison of the time & effort required to:

  • get help from your online email provider (a multi-national in many cases) or;
  • restore the files from your backup

So as we are already backing up folders & files, we think the short answer is YES.

NOTE: most file back-up software does not copy email data to an external drive

Email Software

Live Mail was OK, however support officially ended in 2016 (so no security updates) and we simply cannot recommend the ‘free’ Mail program – it’s just not very good!

GMail users may have noticed that there is a significant increase in the security levels required, many software packages simply cannot be used anymore.

We are official resellers for em Client – a great software package (GMail optimised) that has enhanced features that work perfectly with our data back-up solutions.

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Do I need to
back-up my mobile?

Many companies offer a ‘free’ cloud service for phone data backup.  We think this is a great for basic phone settings, but it can become expensive & confusing if you have lots of photos, videos, music, etc.

So as we are already backing up folders & files, we think the short answer is YES.

NOTE: most file back-up software does not copy mobile data to an external drive

Refer to our Disaster Recovery Solution for the ultimate in mobile back-ups!

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Covid-19 Info

The only way we know our backup solution works is to install it directly onto your computer, so there is no option except for us to visit your home or business.

The complexity of the software installation and the variety of different computer’s mean this is just not a solution we can install remotely.

Please be confident that we follow all of the recommended personal hygiene guidelines, and ironically using our service is simply another example of risk analysis – exactly the same process to decide whether you need a external back-up or not.