Mind Your Own Business

As an experienced user of MYOB, it is the ideal real-world example of how most small business owners soon realised that their time was better spent on running their own business, so often simply handed over the work to others.

Book-keepers are a cost-effective profession for this data entry, but not your accountant. And this is often the dilemma with IT, you end up paying accounting hourly rates for basic book-keeping.

Which is where I come in. My annual pricing model means I act as your out-of-office, part-time web specialist at an affordable rate, whilst you concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

I provide the one-stop-shop for web site clients.

One fixed-price yearly invoice, 365 day support, no additional editing or support fees, and only ever one person to call.

The SuperSymmetry Goal: Making IT Simple