Protect documents & photos on your Windows computer today!




Modern computers are smart & reliable, but like all technology they are never 100% perfect – and we all know that they fail at the worst possible time.

A data backup to an external drive not only protects you against computer failure, but can significantly improve disaster (fire, flood, theft) recovery and makes it incredibly easy to share files with others.  It is also a great archiving solution for laptops with small capacity hard drives, ensuring old data is easily accessible whilst keeping free space on the laptop.  And unlike cloud-backups, you do not need an internet connection and have the files ready to access at any time.

The SuperSymmetry backup is a simple-to-use & automatic back-up solution for your business files, school or university reports and all of your personal documents & photos.

We come directly to your business or home (conditions apply) to install & configure a removable backup solution so that your precious data on a Windows (7, Vista. 8 or 10) computer is automatically protected as soon as you log into your computer.

We are here to help, and you will not be charged until the first back-up of your data has completed and we have confirmed the integrity of the back-up data .

Our flat fee of just $330 includes all of the time & hardware to protect your user data on a Windows computer (max 1TB HDD).

We offer a 10% discount for a second computer, and for small business customers (max 5 users) we will gladly come out and quote on a networked backup solution customised to your business needs.

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