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Keeping IT Simple!

It has been estimated that 250 billion emails are sent every day, with up to 86% of these SPAM.

Email has become a core part of business, so your email should represent *you*, not promote multi-nationals like & or local service providers like &

Why pay for an email?

Because you get what you pay for.

Free means your business is linked to a multi-national like @gmail or @yahoo or a local provider like or, marketing & promoting them not you. You also become *locked* to that company, as changing email affects your customers & marketing material such as business cards. These emails are always consume-grade with limited specifications & support.

We offer a range of email solutions to suit different budgets, and as part of our service will help you transition to your own emails.

All SuperSymmetry email packages require an ABN (business or personal) and are inclusive of annual domain registration & hosting fees.

Tier 1 emails

Designed for SOHO, self-employed contractors or even families who want their own unique emails

High-end consumer-grade (perfect for SOHO) emails, these provide enhanced technical specifications with an incredible 500GB of mailbox storage and include advanced features to email-forward (copy) messages to other email addresses & even set-up auto-responses to enquiries if you are away on holiday.</p>


Tier 1.1.

Simple & Affordable

500GB limit SuperSymmetry Tier 1 email = $99/yr
50GB limit GoDaddy email = $107/yr (Apr 2019)
30GB limit Wix email = $149/yr (Apr 2019)
[Order now for just $99/yr]



Tier 1 email bundle

Having multiple email addresses presents your business in the same way as the largest corporations around the world.   More importantly it helps manage your emails more efficiently and gives your employess a greater sense of inclusion in your business.

It means you can direct messages to the appropriate staff or to different areas of your business, keeping everyone’s INBOX cleaner & minimising extra work.  A contact email is the best example of this, as it will always stay the same for customers but at any time you can direct it to different people or new staff members.


Many providers (see below) charge the same price for every additional email, making this very profitable but completely un-affordable for small business.  SuperSymmetry services are optimised for SMB, so instead we offer a bundle of TEN Tier 1 emails for an amazing great value price.

Tier 1.x.

SOHO bundle value

10x 50GB  email service from $1070/yr (Apr 2019)
10x 30GB email service from $1054/yr (Apr 2019)

[Order now for just $299/yr]

Tier 2 emails

Email management is moved to the next level with dedicated email servers providing faster, more reliable and higher security business-grade emails.

With all of the features of Tier 1. emails (note a 25GB mailbox limit now applies ) you and your staff now have the added ability to send & receive large files (up to 25Mb) overcoming a common email restriction for business emails.

No need to ZIP files, no need to use third-party vendors like DropBox – just attach the file and send!

Tier 2 emails come with a fully automated 14-day backup & email retrieval system, ensuring minimal downtime in the event of hardware failure and even allowing for the restoration of accidentally deleted messages.

Tier 2.1

Professional-grade email

email service N/A from
email service N/A from

[Order now for just $249/yr]


 Tier 2 additional emails

The technical specifications & back-up services of a Tier 2 service means they are far more resource-intensive than Tier 1 emails so are charged per email.

However as we have already set-up the foundations for your email service we can still offer your business additional emails at a significantly reduced cost following the setup of your first email & your account.

Tier 2.1

$100 discount for additional emails


email service N/A from
email service N/A from

[Order now for just $149/yr]

Tier 3 – SPAM & Anti-virus management

Tier 3 email protection takes SPAM management to the highest level ensuring that 99.9% of SPAM or known-expolit messages never even make it to your mailbox.

Not only does this protection keep your INBOX clean & efficient, it significantly minimises the risk of malicious email attacks -you simply can’t accidently click on one of these emails.

This physical security layer is completely external to any SPAM or AV software on your devices, so it is an  in-valuable resource for users un-familiar with the risks associated with malicious emails- they never arrive in the first place.

This protection is extremely cost-effective as it applies to *every* email in your account, so you do not need to pay for multiple licenses of software to protect multiple users on multiple devices .

SPAM & AV Protection


10 email service from $1070/yr (Apr 2019)
10 email service from $1054/yr (Apr 2019)

[Order now for just $220/yr]


With a super-generous rewards program, recommending our email service to others can significantly reduce your annual charge for Professional (Tier 2 or 3) Email Hosting.

Please contact us for more detail.

SuperSymmetry provides professional websites that gives you the online presence tht customers expect today without breaking the bank or wasting your valuable time.

Each standard website is a fully-functioned, user-editable WordPress installation that can be further customised or expanded to suit your online needs at your own timeline and to suit your own budget.

All SuperSymmetry websites are fully backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule and are constantly upgraded to the latest versions for security and reliability.

How much?

A standard 3-5 page business website includes 12 months of hosting & support – starts from just $330 (inc GST) per year.

All standard websites include the Tier 1 email package worth $149 inc GST.

However our greatest benefit is that we do it all, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business.