SuperSymmetry Pty Ltd

Keeping IT Simple!

Professional emails that reflect your business name, not international organiations like or

Emails that are completely transferable and no longer lock you into keeping the same internet provider like or

We provide high-end, secure, business-grade email without the typical email restirictions (eg. file size).

How much?

It does depends on how many emails you need, but from nothing to two business grade emails works out at just $26 per month (invoiced annually in advance).


With a super-generous rewards program, recommending our service to others can reduce your annual charge for your Professional Email hosting.

Right down to ZERO!

Professional websites that give your customers an online presence without breaking the bank or wasting your valuable time.

A single local contact for management and support, a single annual invoice for ALL aspects of your internet site.

How much?

From nothing to your own basic three-page business website & emails, including 12 months of hosting & support – prices start from just $499 inc GST.